Announcements (3/25/2023)

  • Please join our Sunday service at 9:00 am at 2830 Highway 7 E. You are required to wear a mask when you are inside the church building.
  • 2023 AGM will be held online tomorrow at 3:00pm. Agenda and supporting documents have been posted in the basement. Church members should have received the login credentials via email; please let office know if you have not. Members belonging to the same household please use separate devices to log in.
  • Children Summer Camp for JK to G6 children will be held from 8/14 – 8/18 at church. Camp fee: $150; registration deadline: 7/16. For details, please visit this page or contact Pastor Philippa.
  • February financial report is ready, please pick up a copy at church or email church office for an electronic version.
  • If you would like to e-transfer your donation, please email  <>  for instructions.


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