Last updated: Mar 19, 2018

Mission Pledge

27 pledges received, amount: $23,880 (target for this year: $100,000). Please continue to support. Completed pledge form can be put in the offering bag.

Good Friday Service

3/30, 9:45 am at Main Building, children program at Oasis. Special permission is granted by the city of Markham, we can park on the west side of Frontenac Drive for free that day from 7:30 an to 1:00 pm.

Easter Lunch

4/1 after Sunday service at Oasis. Please sign up at the back. You may invite friends and family members by signing up their names. We would encourage everyone to give love offering of $ 5 per person as your personal contribution toward the purchase of the food.

Quebec Chibougaumau / Mistissini STM: July 27 - Aug 5

Please contact Stephen Shum or church office if you are interested.