Please note the following Sunday parking protocol during construction.
  • The driveway on the north side is not accessible anymore
  • Absolutely NO WAITING in the parking lot
  • Always drive in anti-clockwise direction
  • Please use on-street parking and office parking at Centurian Drive. The parking spots in the parking lot at church are mainly reserved for the needy persons. (Seniors, families with children under 2, physically challenged)

Our Name

In 1842, a congregation was formed in Markham. A church with log construction was built by them in 1843. After renovations in 1873, 1899, and extension in 1960, it became the church building now located at 2830 Highway 7. Zion started renting the church for Sunday services in 1994. After eighteen years, Brown’s Corners United Church sold the building to us. Many historic features of the building are still kept at the church. This is a witness of the growth of Canada and a testimony of the faithfulness and grace of our God.

The word Zion is from the Bible. It refers to God’s house and His presence. May Zion Alliance Church is a place where you can meet God and experience His presence!

Updated on Nov 12
The Spiritual Gifts and the Spiritual Fruit
Pastor Nouhoum Coulibaly